DR Juice

"When a family member was diagnosed with clinical depression and cocktails of medication weren't helping, Eduardo Herraiz reached for a glass of fresh juice. First Eduardo researched the powerful impact of eating the right foods on one's health. He then took it to the next level and focussed on the positive effect of raw and fresh juices on the mental, emotional and physical self.
Whilst working for the Ethical Co-op to make a difference and intent on educating himself and others on the benefits of juice, Eduardo developed relationships with organic farmers. Mothers loved the fact that the delicious ""fairy juice"" their children were drinking encouraged the consumption of fruits and veggies. All the buzz created led to an interest being shown by magazines and newspapers, one of which refers to Eduardo as ""one of the first pioneers in the South African juicing industry."" Eventually, word spread and more markets invited Dr Juice to trade and share their healthy raw and real juice recipes with a greater audience. From working out of his car and garage in 2008, to factory premises in Prime Park Diep River in 2017, Dr Juice has grown from strength to strength as more people are enlightened to the benefits of raw juice.
A daily motivator for Eduardo is ensuring that his family continues to make the right choices and lead healthy lives. "